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Pakcik Rumput and His Team at work!

Today's PHRA session to meet the residents to distribute 2010 car stickers also come with additional improvement to our Taman! We have started to beautify our playground and later the road shoulders. MPSJ only cuts the grass! Today Pakcik Rumput and his team are doing the landscaping and gardening work.
One of our residents has agreed to supervise the work. In fact he volunteered because he cares and also stays nearby the playground. It is a bonus to the community that he is also an architect!

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Message From N. Ramesh, PHRA Vice-Chairman

Dear Fellow Residents,

I would like to wish everyone a great 2010 as we embark on another year as neighbors. It is hoped that we can together build a community that fosters greater neighborliness and cooperation as we look forward to a good year ahead.

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Help spread the message to those without 2010 car stickers

Please help to inform your neighbors who still don't have 2010 car stickers to come forward to obtain them from PHRA. We are having a final session to meet the residents at the playground this Sunday, 3 Jan 2010, from 8:30am to 1:00pm.

The guards are now distributing this notice at the entrance as well. Do notify your neighbors to take this opportunity to see us.

If you are renting the house here and your security fees is paid by your landlord, please inform landlord about this. You can also come to check for your landlord the current situation whether the security fees has been paid up to date. If yes, you can obtain the car stickers from us.

Here I reproduce the notice:

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In need of a Handyman

Dear fellow resident,

If anyone knows of a good handyman who could fix roof leaks, can they post the handyman contact here?

Thanks in advance,

Looking for Babysitter at Puchong Hartamas

Dear Puchong Hartamas Residents, We are looking for a babysitter to take care of our 2-month old baby boy. Please contact me at 016-2093250 if you are interested and available.

Joe Liew
Jalan PH2./5 Puchong Hartamas Resident.

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From Ramesh To Mr BH Yap

Dear Mr B HYap,
Good to note that you have been very closely following up with the recent updates and progress in the community.

I honestly enjoy reading your comments which I feel is relevant and must be fully understood by all residents. I strongly believe that from the various explanation that has been given by our current secretary Mr Yeak should have answered all your doubts and unresolved matters. He is not answering you personally but on behalf of the association. I hope you are not expecting the entire committee members to answer your matters raised.

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Dear Mr BH Yap


My thoughts about payments for car stickers

So much have been said about the topic and even an e-mail has been circulated in our Yahoo! e-Group to invite our residents to read my initial post about car stickers. I did not think I deserve such honour! :)

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