Message From N. Ramesh, PHRA Vice-Chairman

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Dear Fellow Residents,

I would like to wish everyone a great 2010 as we embark on another year as neighbors. It is hoped that we can together build a community that fosters greater neighborliness and cooperation as we look forward to a good year ahead.

It has been two full months since your PHRA took over the management of security services and also began looking into other aspects of our Taman. It has also conducted a very successful “meet-fellow-residents” campaign over two weekends. The resounding success of this campaign has set the stage for PHRA to be able to effectively manage security and hopefully other issues deemed important to our community.

I am glad to announce that the PHRA Security Sub-Committee has successfully negotiated with service provider, Inland Security Services to reduce rates from RM5.00 to RM4.50 and then now to RM4.00 per hour. While continuing to pursue greater improvements in service, for a start, the PHRA has increased the number of guards from 6 to 8 per day. In addition, two sheltered mini-guard posts will be established at two strategic locations to enhance surveillance. Next; time-activated spot-lights will be installed at dark and secluded corners. There are many more improvements in the pipeline but please bear with us.

The PHRA is currently also looking into improving esthetics of our Taman especially the playground area and road shoulders. Landscaping work on the playground should start soon.

The PHRA committee met the Yang DiPertua of MPSJ at his office on Wednesday to discuss matters pertaining to Puchong Hartamas. At this juncture it suffices to announce that I am pleased we have the stated support of MPSJ as we endeavor to improve our Taman.

In the mean time, those who have not arranged for their vehicle stickers please do so as soon as possible. Please understand that stickers are necessary until the PHRA can be sure we have a reliable touch-card system in place. There are issues with the old contractor and the system.

Once again, the PHRA seeks your understanding as we attempt to do the right things. We are new to the job and are after all just like you; ordinary residents.

Thank you.


Yours sincerely,


N. Ramesh
Puchong Hartamas Residents Association
PH 2/2

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