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General Election 2008 Info

There are many resources about GE 2008 on the Internet. We no longer has to resort to TV only for the information. I have found a very good site that basically consolidate all information together so that you can make a right decision.

Malaysia 12th General Elections Resource Page - Election 2008

That site list down these information:
1. Facts of General Election 2008.
2. Web site of all parties.
3. Manifesto of all parties .

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What do you think of the logo?

Hello everybody... I will make some noise when Dax Yap join the site! Welcome Dax!

OK, I am allowed to write Blog. I give that right to myself. If you also want to write blog, just let me know and I will upgrade you to be a Blogger!

I am not sure there is already a logo for Puchong Hartamas. So I simply drew it and use it. What you think? Any comment? Can still improve it.

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This is my todo:
1. Link to other sites around Puchong.
2. Bridging residents and committees so that more and closer communications.
3. Post interesting public information to the site that is relevant to Phians.

Anything else you would like to see?

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