Pakcik Rumput and His Team at work!

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Today's PHRA session to meet the residents to distribute 2010 car stickers also come with additional improvement to our Taman! We have started to beautify our playground and later the road shoulders. MPSJ only cuts the grass! Today Pakcik Rumput and his team are doing the landscaping and gardening work.
One of our residents has agreed to supervise the work. In fact he volunteered because he cares and also stays nearby the playground. It is a bonus to the community that he is also an architect!
One owner who came to pay the security fees saw it and she likes this kind of living environment. Yes! This is the kind of Taman we want! And it is happening NOW! We hope to see more of you to volunteer yourself. Our current working team is only six people but guess what, the MAJORITY of the work is actually done by NONE of our committee member! It is YOU! Yes, it is YOU who make all this work. Majority of YOU want to manage our own security. And we all know we can do so much more once we started managing it NOW. Have a look at this morning's work. It is for you, the residents of Taman Puchong Hartamas.

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