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Demolition Order - Puchong Hartamas Guard House

Dear All,

On Friday, 16 April 2010, PHRA was given a copy of a Demolition Order served to FiveStar Development (FDSB) by Jabatan Tanah. A copy of the order is attached and it basically says that our guard house need to be vacated for demolition work within 14 days.

This resulted from a meeting called by the Public Complain Bureau (under Prime Minister Department) on the 14th April, of which PHRA was summoned to attend within 24 hours notice. The PCB was acting on a complaint by a fellow resident from our very own Taman over the last year or so.

Since residents and the PHRA cannot and must not assume legal liability resulting from the hazardous location of our guard house we have to abide by decisions of the authorities. Nevertheless the PHRA is totally against the immediate demolition of our guard house because it will adversely affect resident security. As such, the PHRA will be appealing against this order before an alternative can be recommended and approved.

By virtue of Selangor State regulations, the PHRA will be responsible for applying for TOL at any alternative site.

Kindly refer to the attached documents for reference. The PHRA will keep the resident posted on the latest development and always remain transparent.

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The Puchong Hartamas Residents Association: An Observation

 Dear All,

This is my personal observation and not an official information release from the PHRA.

Health For Life

Dear all,

You all are invited for a free health screening on 10apr2010.

Venue: Great Eastern Hall, Level 6 

Time: 0930 to 1300

Door gifts & vouchers will be giving out for early birds.

Please contact Apryl Loo at 012-3458708 for more details.  Thank you.


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PHRA 2010 AGM Photos and videos

The PHRA 2010 AGM is over and done with, we now have a much bigger committee as compare to previous year and hopefully more people means more work can be done for our Taman.

I took the liberty to take some photos and video during this event, and would like to share it here with everyone.

Tent, seat & table sponsor by FSDB

The Tent, Seats and Tables all setup and ready for the event

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Video taken during the last PHRA meeting @ our Taman playground

Sorry it took a bit longer (or I should say too long) than expected to post this video up for everyone to view.

Anyway, here they are

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Part 5 :

Part 6 :

Part 7 :

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FW: An UNCENSORED History of Malaysia

Found this article interesting to read...


NOTE: This Article was written and published on Facebook on the 31st of August 2009, Malaysia’s Independence Day in response to an irresponsible actions caused by UMNO supporters carrying a severed ‘Cow Head’ to incite racial and religious tensions among the Hindu’s in Malaysia. It was this very incident which ‘woke me up’ as a Malay and a Malaysian who was previously politically neutral to fight against UMNO’s racism and racist policies and behaviors. And I have never stopped fighting since…


Read more:

An UNCENSORED History of Malaysia: What Our HISTORY TEXT BOOKS did NOT teach us about our EARLY Cultural Relations, MERDEKA, and the TRUE MALAY DILEMA

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PHRA To-Do List

Your PHRA has published a To-Do List for all residents to collaborate. You can click below to view it.

View PHRA To-Do List

The list is maintained by PHRA Committee. If you have any inputs would like to add in, please post comment below. We are notified when the comment is posted.

Thank you.


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Gated/Guarded-In The News

Dear All,

This was in the news today. After stating that it would not come up with new laws on Guarded Communities, the Housing Ministry has done a welcomed about-turn. It is hoped that this will formalize the status of Gated/Guarded Communities once and for all. There are a few salient points in the news article that we in PH must look at.

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