From Ramesh To Mr BH Yap

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Dear Mr B HYap,
Good to note that you have been very closely following up with the recent updates and progress in the community.

I honestly enjoy reading your comments which I feel is relevant and must be fully understood by all residents. I strongly believe that from the various explanation that has been given by our current secretary Mr Yeak should have answered all your doubts and unresolved matters. He is not answering you personally but on behalf of the association. I hope you are not expecting the entire committee members to answer your matters raised.

I also would like you to be mindful that the committee has been working very hard despite having only a small number of us working. There has been many issues as well that we had to handle urgently and all these requires time and man power.

Lets be constructive and work as a community. I welcome all comments and critics but it must all be leading to progress making Puchong Hartamas an ideal place to live in. We do not want to get personal about things and lets look at thing in a big picture. We are all adults have have our own minds to think and react. Therefore, it was improper of you to insinuate that the committee is not independent. Some Committee members have voiced their displeasure to me about this because decisions by my committee are made after careful thought and deliberation before major decisions are made. We are all thinking adults who are experienced in our fields and do not follow blindly if any decision to be implemented is not in the best interest of the residents. After all we are residents of this community as well. We do not personally gain or benefit anything out of this voluntary work.

We are all volunteers and serving this community. So you are most welcome to come in and join the association committee again and channel these ideas, time and energy to be put for better use.

Feel free to call me personally if you have any burning matters within you that needs to be answered. I can always create time.


N Ramesh

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