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Trip to Tanjung Sepat for all residents of Taman Puchong Hartamas

Dear residents,

Our PHRA is organizing a one-day trip to Tanjung Sepat, a fishermen's village near Banting, on Sun, 29 May 2011. It is a beautiful and delicious food trip good for family outing; with lunch, dinner and transportation included. The cost is only RM135 per person (adult or child) and open to all residents of Taman Puchong Hartamas.

Please come to the playground on Fri, 20 May 2011, 5pm - 8pm, to have the briefing of the trip and meet the PHRA Committees.

If you have any enquiry or wanting to make early booking, please call Ms Foong (019-3367452) or Ms Angela (019-6001132).

More information on Tanjung Sepat brochure is available on the notice board.

Thank you.

PHRA Social Sub-Committee






如果您有任何疑问或希望提早预订,请致电给Ms Foong(019-3367452)或Ms Angela(019-6001132)。



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Increase of monthly security fees

Dear Residents,

With the latest government regulation on minimum wages for security guards and general inflationary pressure have created a cost problem for us.

The RM50 fees per month (since about 2006) is no longer sufficient to maintain the security services.

Even if the collections rate is 100% of households, we would not be able to meet the security expenses going forward.

An increase in monthly fees is unavoidable if we want to maintain the guards services.

In the recently concluded AGM (27 March 2011) the PHRA presented its accounts of 2010 and budget for 2011/2012. These documents can be found on the web ( The full justification for an increase is contain therein. Also at the said AGM, it was resolved that the monthly security fees been increased to RM80 starting 1st April 2011. This is the minimum that the PHRA can work with and it includes a small portion to be allocated for the sinking fund.

The sinking fund is essential for maintenance, repair and beautifying works not under the responsibility of MPSJ. Going forward, the PHRA has agreed with MPSJ on a PHRA-driven initiative to endeavor to make Puchong Hartamas a model Taman in the municipality. Our plans which will be collaborated with and submitted to MPSJ will be circulated to PH residents soon.

As a sneak preview of one of the efforts in terms of landscaping, our KPI is Kim Crest. Residents are encouraged to take a drive around Kim Crest. There are many more endeavors.

It is hope that all residents will understand and comply with the increase. Should you have any query, please contact the undersigned or any PHRA Committee Members.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Yeak Na Siew
PHRA Chairman 2011/2012

Budgeting of 2011

Accounts of 2010 is attached in this post.

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Our 5th PHRA AGM is on Sun, 27 March 2011, 10am at the playground. Lunch will be served for all participant for free. Please attend.

Attached are the letters that you also receive in your letterbox. The finanicial statement is only published electronically to save printing cost. We will also discuss this during the AGM.

Thank you.


*** UPDATE on AGM  ***

The committee of 2011 is as below:


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Baby sitter wanted

I'm looking for baby sitter for my 2 months old baby at Puchong hartamas starting Feb or Mac 2011. Please contact me @ 012-6582136. Thanks.

Looking for NANNY/Babysitter

Dear fellow residents,

Proposed Crematorium near Puchong Hartamas

Not sure if anyone is aware of this...

Following the cancellation of the proposed cemetery in Saujana Puchong,


There is talk of a proposed crematorium near Puchong Hartamas. Between Puchong Hartamas Fasa 1 and Bandar Puteri 11

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PHRA is back!

Dear ALL,

Great News!!!

The Minister of Home Affairs has reversed the decision of the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of the PHRA. The self-explanatory letter is attached herewith. The committee will meet this coming Monday to discuss relevant matters going forward.

We will keep residents informed.

Thank you.

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Recent Resident Gathering to discuss about security matters video recordings

We recently had a resident gathering to discuss about Security guards matters with the deregistration of the Resident Association. I took the liberty to records down this session with the intention to share it with my fellow neighbours who could not make it to the gathering but would like to know what had happened and whats next.

Listed below are the links to the videos which I have posted onto youtube.

Apologize for the quality but it is better than nothing :-)

PH Resident Gathering Recording Part 1 of 8

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