Guard house issues

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Recently the developer had sent their men to every house asking the owner to sign the survey form that ask owner to decide whether to keep or demolish the guard house.

They should not do that because guard house is promised in the sales and purchase agreement of the houses in Puchong Hartamas, that this is a gated community.

The reason given was that MPSJ wanted to demolish it because it is unsafe. Also claiming some residents complain about it. Furthermore the guard house was build without approval by MPSJ. However developer could not produce any document or proof about this.

If there is less than 70% people in Puchong Hartamas wants to KEEP the guard house, then it will be demolished.

1. If there is no approval by MPSJ, then why the guard house was managed to be built there?

2. Where is the new guard house be, if it is demolished? According to agreement, there MUST be a guard house. Without guard house, I think everyone can claim some losses from developer.

Earlier than this, the PH Resident Association (PHRA) wanted to move the guard house to the other corner, which is near the surau. But there was some residents complaining. Here are some reasons for not moving:

1. Those that near the current guard house said they like guard house nearby because it feel safe since guards are there 24/7.

2. Those that near the planned guard house said they want their street quiet and no car passing by.

Should there be voting to move the guard house? I think we have no choice. MPSJ did not approve the current guard house. And the S&P agreement said there MUST be one. So move!

If the argument never solved, then this isn't "your dream home and cool community" lah... everybody should just give and take, be reasonable and be responsible.

The fault is not yours. But developer. Yet, we are the one that wanted to buy "first hand house" because cheaper... So as cheap as you get, stop complaining! Move on with what is best for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY, not SELF INTERESTS. Will you?

I believe the survey was done with a slant.

The residents were asked if we wanted the guard house. What kind of a question is this? Of course, we want the guard house but we want one that is properly constructed! One that has waiting bays for visitors while they apply for a pass to come in, one with a proper design that will not block the view of cars coming down from Bandar Puteri/Kim Crest when we go out past the guard house. But this was not asked.

I believe the survey results were given to the MPSJ to say that the residents want the current guard house! Period. It was not what we meant.