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Dialogue on Tmn Puchong Hartamas Guardhouse Issue with YB Teresa Kok

YB Teresa Kok attended the dialogue called by PHRA Committee this morning at 9:30am to enlighten the situation. The committee wanted to know why MPSJ demolish the guardhouse and what steps to move forward.

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Meeting at Playground on Guardhouse Demolition


As you have now aware, our Guardhouse has been demolished by MPSJ today. They came without notice, at noon, so many of you are not at home.

Video 1:
Video 2:

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Meeting with MPSJ YDP on the current guardhouse status

The PHRA committee members have met with Dato' YDP of MPSJ this morning to discuss about the current guardhouse status. The outcome of the meeting has reaffirmed our relationship with MPSJ with some points agreed by both. Here is the thank you letter to MPSJ YDP on the meeting.

Letter to MPSJ YDP 2011


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Increase of monthly security fees

Dear Residents,

With the latest government regulation on minimum wages for security guards and general inflationary pressure have created a cost problem for us.

The RM50 fees per month (since about 2006) is no longer sufficient to maintain the security services.

Even if the collections rate is 100% of households, we would not be able to meet the security expenses going forward.

An increase in monthly fees is unavoidable if we want to maintain the guards services.

In the recently concluded AGM (27 March 2011) the PHRA presented its accounts of 2010 and budget for 2011/2012. These documents can be found on the web ( The full justification for an increase is contain therein. Also at the said AGM, it was resolved that the monthly security fees been increased to RM80 starting 1st April 2011. This is the minimum that the PHRA can work with and it includes a small portion to be allocated for the sinking fund.

The sinking fund is essential for maintenance, repair and beautifying works not under the responsibility of MPSJ. Going forward, the PHRA has agreed with MPSJ on a PHRA-driven initiative to endeavor to make Puchong Hartamas a model Taman in the municipality. Our plans which will be collaborated with and submitted to MPSJ will be circulated to PH residents soon.

As a sneak preview of one of the efforts in terms of landscaping, our KPI is Kim Crest. Residents are encouraged to take a drive around Kim Crest. There are many more endeavors.

It is hope that all residents will understand and comply with the increase. Should you have any query, please contact the undersigned or any PHRA Committee Members.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Yeak Na Siew
PHRA Chairman 2011/2012

Budgeting of 2011

Accounts of 2010 is attached in this post.

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Our 5th PHRA AGM is on Sun, 27 March 2011, 10am at the playground. Lunch will be served for all participant for free. Please attend.

Attached are the letters that you also receive in your letterbox. The finanicial statement is only published electronically to save printing cost. We will also discuss this during the AGM.

Thank you.


*** UPDATE on AGM  ***

The committee of 2011 is as below:


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PHRA is back!

Dear ALL,

Great News!!!

The Minister of Home Affairs has reversed the decision of the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of the PHRA. The self-explanatory letter is attached herewith. The committee will meet this coming Monday to discuss relevant matters going forward.

We will keep residents informed.

Thank you.

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Notis pembatalan PHRA

6 July 2010

Dear Residents,

In early March 2010, the PHRA received a call from En Roslan from the Registrar of Society, Selangor. We were told there was a complain lodged with them by a resident of Puchong Hartamas regarding PHRA activities and legality. We subsequently met En Roslan for an interview and it was apparent during the discussion that whoever reported (whether justify or not) had inside and intimate knowledge about the history of the PHRA. During the interview, we were told to submit certain PHRA documents and told to await the ROS reply.

Thereafter, sometimes in early May 2010, the PHRA received the following letter.

This letter was a show cause letter as to why the PHRA should not be deregistered. As you can see from the letter the two reasons why ROS wanted to deregister PHRA are:

  1. Intentionally contravene Fasal 5(1) and 5(2) because members failed to pay the membership fees.
  2. Intentionally contravene Fasal 7(1) because members who had lost/expired their membership had attended and voted in the AGM of 7 March 2009.

The PHRA was told to reply before 22 May 2010 and the following is our show cause/appeal letter and attachment which shows clearly the problem existed prior to the 7 March 2009 AGM.

2007    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
                      (a)   (b)   (c)      (d)

2008    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
       (e)   (f)(g)(h)      (i)            (j)

2009    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
             (k)                      (l)  (m)

2010    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
       (n)   (o)

(a) The PHRA is officially registered.
(b) Membership drive and 185 residents signed up as PHRA members.
(c) 1st AGM held. Charles (Chairman), BH Yap (Secretary). Total member = 185.
(d) Total member by end of 2007 = 185.
(e) One new member signup. Total member = 186.
(f) 2nd AGM held. Charles (Chairman), BH Yap (Secretary). Total member = 186.
(g) One new member signup. Total member = 187.
(h) One new member signup. Total member = 188.
(i) Most members from year 2007 are expired. Total member 188 - 185 = 3.
(j) Total member by end of 2008 = 3.
(k) 3nd AGM held. Six new member signup. Cheah (Chairman), BH Yap (Secretary). Total member = 6 + 3 = 9.
(l) Major referendum. This is where PHRA split into old and new.
(m) 225 new member signup/renew during collections time. Total member by end of 2009 = 231.
(n) 44 new members signup/renew. Total member starting Jan 2010 = 270.
(o) 4th AGM held. Ramesh (Chairman), Apryl (Secretary). Total members = 274

When you look at the diagram, the problem happen in (i), (j), and (k), under Chairman Charles and Secretary BH Yap.

Then problem is actually solved in (m). But when we submit the annual financial report in March 2010 (o), we submit according to what collected as of March 2009 (k), which is 9 members only.

Why the collection in Dec 2009 (m) was not included? Because we tell residents their membership renewal or signup is for 2010. It would be difficult to justify members to renew their 2008-2009 membershipm which already passed. Hence the complete 2008-2009 membership was not collected.

The PHRA received notice of a registered letter which we collected today. The letter which is posted below is clear and self explanatory. The Registrar of Society has decided to deregister the PHRA based on the complaints and the reasons given in their earlier show cause letter above dated 22 Apr 2010.

The PHRA has no choice but to abide by this letter and is currently trying to manage the situation. This is an unfortunate turn of events as it will definitely jeopardize the community welfare and attempts to make Taman Puchong Hartamas a good place to stay. It is unfortunate that certain selfish individuals had resorted to a "scorch earth" means for selfish reasons.

Nevertheless, well meaning residents are advised to remain calm while the PHRA attempts to manage the situation. It may come down to having to register a new association and this would be not difficult with collective support of residents and the very up to date membership and fees records the PHRA Committee today has. We now have about 300 fully registered, paid up members in the membership roll. More information on this situation will be posted in due course.

Thank you.

N. Ramesh
Your fellow resident

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Door-to-door survey every weekend at Taman Puchong Hartamas

The PHRA Committees and road reps are doing door-to-door survey every weekend Saturday and Sunday to all the houses, from morning till evening.

If you are not staying in Taman Puchong Hartamas but would like to keep in touch with us, please send the feedback to us via Contact Us link and we will communicate via email.

The survey touch on your ideas and comments to build up the community in our Taman for the Social Sub-Committee.

Thank you for your time.

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