Help spread the message to those without 2010 car stickers

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Please help to inform your neighbors who still don't have 2010 car stickers to come forward to obtain them from PHRA. We are having a final session to meet the residents at the playground this Sunday, 3 Jan 2010, from 8:30am to 1:00pm.

The guards are now distributing this notice at the entrance as well. Do notify your neighbors to take this opportunity to see us.

If you are renting the house here and your security fees is paid by your landlord, please inform landlord about this. You can also come to check for your landlord the current situation whether the security fees has been paid up to date. If yes, you can obtain the car stickers from us.

Here I reproduce the notice:

Greetings! The PHRA is trying to upgrade security arrangements as demanded by most residents of Puchong Hartamas. This can only be done if we all cooperate.

The guards have noticed you are still without the 2010 car sticker. Please claim your stickers through the following options:

  1. Final PHRA mobile booth session at playground on Sunday, 3 Jan 2010, 8:30am to 1.00 pm.
  2. Call respective Road Representatives (contact information below) to meet at time convenient to both.

Very soon cars without new stickers will be considered visitors (requiring registration). Although ample notice will be given, please do the necessary to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Road Representatives contact:

  • PH2 (Angela 0162301132)
  • PH2/1 (Apryl 0123458708)
  • PH2/2 (Ramesh 0122210355)
  • PH2/3 (Yeak 0125067818)
  • PH2/4 (HokMing 0178847618)
  • PH2/5 (Brian 0123211567)

Chinese translated:



  1. 前往PHRA为您特备的流动摊子(最后一次):星期日,2010年1月3日,早上八点半到下午一点。
  2. 联络PHRA委员代表(如下)安排适当的时间会面。



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