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Wednesday, 9th November, 2011

1. Mr Yeak

I recall that some time ago, a security guard went round all the houses to get the telephone numbers of all the house with a promise that an intercom system was to be set up for the residents.

Has there been any progress since?

Just a troubling thought on the security aspects of this exercise, since no further news has been announced.

a. Who is in possession of all the residents' telephone numbers now?

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 Hi Yeak, I see that the Google Group with 42 members is highlighted in this PH website while the Yahoo Group which contains 281 members is not. I think we should have both. Please add link,  to the E-Group tab of this site. Thanks.



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Some Morale Issues in festival celebration

 Deepavali is finally over. But I personally think the celebration went over board. The fire cracker blasting was way too much. The loud songs wailing away through the night was very inconsiderate. Doesn't educated people know how to practice moderation. If I have that much of money to burn I would have donated it to an orphange, old folks home or animal welfare and get some good karma. Hopefully those who blasted away their money did think of some charitable act before that. Moderation is divine in Islam and I believe in all other religion as well.

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Meeting with MPSJ YDP on the current guardhouse status

The PHRA committee members have met with Dato' YDP of MPSJ this morning to discuss about the current guardhouse status. The outcome of the meeting has reaffirmed our relationship with MPSJ with some points agreed by both. Here is the thank you letter to MPSJ YDP on the meeting.

Letter to MPSJ YDP 2011


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 Last night i heard a dog crying in distress. Thought it was mine and came down to check on him. He was sleeping soundly . It was 3 am then. This has been happening frequently. Some of the dogs around here has owners but they are always out and about like strays. Probably some responsibility and a net around the bars at the gate would help. Some of them are so pityful. A thin golden retriever that can slip out through the bars in the gate. Another goldern retriever either  inside the cage or tied and left outside the cage. Never been out of the house. 

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Moon Cake Festival 2011

Dear all residents,

If you haven't received this announcement, here is it. We are organizing Moon Cake festival on 10 Sept 2011. To date we have about 100 confirmed participants. I urge you to join now if you haven't done so, so that we can know each other well. We are doing potluck and many are cooking. It is amazing to see how sweet our neighbor is.

I think we can make this place beautiful and people friendly. Please remember this is a Community Service, and you are NOT paying us to do this for you. We all agree to put in our time and money to make this a right environment for our young generations. Everyone contribute a bit here and there and the result is amazing.

Let's come and share together our vision for our Taman Puchong Hartamas.

BTW, I have a small announcement. We have employed Ms Lau, who is one of our resident, to work fulltime so that you can easily pay up security fees. Her number is the usual 019-6001132. Also we should have office soon just around our Taman.

If you have any question or suggestion you can always contact me (012 5067818) or Ms Angela (016 2301132).


Moon Cake Festival 2011


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Tai Chi and The Spotlight

It was an exciting Double Happiness happening at Taman Puchong Hartamas on the 1st July 2011!

Fist Happiness

We have 40 residents signed up to learn Tai Chi from Master Zouzi who came to our Playground to teach. It was the first class of the 6-month course. The class was too big that we had to split into two classes. So now we have 7:30pm and 8:30pm sessions every Friday.

We learned four moves that night, starting from the basic. Master Zouzi and his two assistants were teaching and guiding the class. 

Tai Chi class students and Master Zouzi

Class of July 2011

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Trip to Tanjung Sepat for all residents of Taman Puchong Hartamas

Dear residents,

Our PHRA is organizing a one-day trip to Tanjung Sepat, a fishermen's village near Banting, on Sun, 29 May 2011. It is a beautiful and delicious food trip good for family outing; with lunch, dinner and transportation included. The cost is only RM135 per person (adult or child) and open to all residents of Taman Puchong Hartamas.

Please come to the playground on Fri, 20 May 2011, 5pm - 8pm, to have the briefing of the trip and meet the PHRA Committees.

If you have any enquiry or wanting to make early booking, please call Ms Foong (019-3367452) or Ms Angela (019-6001132).

More information on Tanjung Sepat brochure is available on the notice board.

Thank you.

PHRA Social Sub-Committee






如果您有任何疑问或希望提早预订,请致电给Ms Foong(019-3367452)或Ms Angela(019-6001132)。



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