PHRA is responding to developer about guard house

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The PHRA committees had met on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 to discuss about answers to the developer on the issue of handing over the guard house.

Apparently the guard house was having some legal issue. It was rejected by MPSJ because Road Safety's survey showed that the location of the guard house was dangerous. It is mind boggling how it was managed to build on that spot at the very beginning.

Then all of us was suggesting to move the guard house. But this "moving guard house" created another issue, especially to those that stay near the guard house. The residents around the new proposed guard house location also complaining because they didn't want a guard house there (lots of car and their kids no longer able to play outside safely).

Everyone has their interests to protect. That's normal. So committees decided to postpone the guard house safety issue to the next phase.

Meanwhile what is facing us is the legality of the guard house. We have yet to receive the confirmation from developer that the existing guard house is legal.

If the guard house is legal, then we will have more time to think about how to move it. If not moving, then solve the safety issue. As you know new road already opened and there are many cars coming from the Kim Crest side.

There will be a meeting with all residents in the field again on 7 March evening. The purpose is to discuss all issues facing us and re-elect new PHRA members.

If you want to help to make this place a perfect home for all of us, please come and be a part of the community. We should have bigger size now when we include residents from Kim Crest.

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Hi Yeak,

You mention that the PHRA had already met on the 15th Jan 2009, any outcome from this meeting?

Any new on the immediate deadline of 9th Feb 2009?

Sorry, but based on the information you post, may I know if you are part of the PHRA committee?

You also mention about another meeting on 7th March 2009 in the field , may I know what time and is it in the field located in PH Phase 1?

Thanks in advance and my apologies for bombarding you with so many queries.

A copy of the reply to the developer will be sent to each of the residents soon.

Please be patient. All the committee members are holding full time jobs of their own and need time to get things done, especially writing correspondences, going to the authorities during working hours, sending out notices to the residents, etc. We would appreciate more voluntary help.

Yeak has very kindly set up this platform to enable us to have an open forum and to post articles of mutual interest. Thanks to Yeak for his untiring efforts to link all the residents.

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I am not a committee, but I plan to join in the coming meeting. I think that will allow me to get information to post on the web site.

Mr. BH Yap will write a letter this Saturday and send to developer. I don't want to "leak" any info here or make any unofficial announcement.

Basically the committees want developer to postpone the handing over to after March because many things have not done properly yet.

The meeting at the field should be 4:30pm on 7th March. Wait for official letter. I may be wrong. My note said it is "AGM" meeting.

Let's come and join committees. Bring change!

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Thanks for the info.

Hopefully the developer will comply to the committee request, if the committee needs the community to stand behind them, they can count me in.

Please keep us posted on the date and time of the meeting if possible, if our participation is welcome, I will definitely be there.

Thanks, Brian. We'll contact you.

We need all the help we can get.

For an introduction, I am the current secretary to the Puchong Hartamas Residents Association (PHRA). Andrew Wan is one of our most active committee members. He was the secretary to the previous year's committee.