The Puchong Hartamas Residents Association: An Observation

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 Dear All,

This is my personal observation and not an official information release from the PHRA.

The successfully concluded PHRA Annual General Meeting recently was an important milestone for our PH community. Not many residents realize the importance of this AGM but it suffices to say that from here on, more positive things can be done for PH. With the exception of Mr John Choong who declined nomination because of work commitments, all other working members of de facto PHRA Chairman, Mr Ramesh’s previous committee are back in the new line-up. Ramesh is the newly elected Chairman with Mr Yeak moving into the Vice-Chairman’s position from being association secretary previously. The PHRA committee is now back to a full complement of 20 members. Residents can be proud that the majority volunteered to be elected and the good thing is we now have a young committee in terms of average age. Syabas! Mr Ramesh for his exemplary leadership!

Some senior citizens and certain individuals previously tried to undermine the whole community by their continuous heckling and complaints to the Registrar of Societies and other authorities. The latest I heard was their ludicrous attempt to have residents of each road in Puchong Hartamas run their own security service. It is hoped that these individuals will from now on stop trying to cut their noses to spite their faces, and allow this committee to function for the majority.  

I attended the first committee meeting on Friday, 9th April held at Ramesh’s house and the turnout was impressive. What is even more impressive is the spirit of volunteerism extending to the 4 sub-committees that were formed:

a.    Security & Safety

b.    Maintenance & Parking

c.    Membership & Subscriptions

d.    Social & Community Activities    

Witnessing the entire meeting, it is a personally gratifying experience. Exactly one year ago, PH residents were at the mercy of the developer and had a residents association that was not only clueless, it was also impotent. Today, under the leadership of our younger residents, the foundation has been set and as the sub-committees get down to work we will definitely see great improvements in PH. “Bridges” have been built with MPSJ and other authorities including the police, etc. Stay tuned.