Payment for Car Stickers

I refer to the most recent post on payment for car stckers. According to the post, each resident is limited to two red stickers and all subsequent requests for stickers will be levied at RM10.00 per sticker for "regular visitors".

Just who are these "regular visitors"? And what will happen to those who own more than two cars?

The answer is obvious, despite the committee's feeble attempt at beating about the bush and pretending to ignore those residents who own more than two cars. All the additional cars will be reduced to the category of "regular visitors"!

Should those affected residents feel insulted? Obviously....since they have now been reduced to being "regular visitors" to the houses they actually own!

We already pay security charges each month. Come on, committee members. Increase the fees if you need money to run the show. Selective taxation on residents does not cultivate goodwill. Furthermore, why insult them by putting some of them into the category of "regular visitors"? This is where we live and there should be no impediment to our movement when we already pay our monthly security fees. Labelling the drivers of the cars in excess of two per home is adding salt to the wound.

I doubt these charges are even legal.

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Hi Brian,

It is always refreshing for me to see our younger residents show the kind of commitment and spirit of volunteerism that you have. In the seven months that I was Chairman of the PHRA, I must say you stood out as a young man with a sense of fairplay beyond your years. Ironically, it was in fact Mr Yap who pointed you out to me earlier on. It must have been due to his vast experience in human resource management.

It is only to be expected that numerous reactions will surface when dealing with more than 391 individuals with their own opinions and character. The hope has always been that people would by and large be sensible. What is crucial is that you remain always consciously aware of the environment.

I would like to remind you of something you told me; you said that as long as your intentions are altruistic, you would be able stand firm on your ground. I testify to the fact that you do practise what you preach. That is more than I have observed in many people here who, although much more senior than you continue to demand respect that by right should be earned. Be aware.

Keep up the good work..

Best regards.


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Wow, it never occur to me that people could be so sensitive and could be that easily offended. Just the color of the sticker and the wording on it could alter their feeling and made them felt uneasy?

I guess I'm just not in that category of "Easily Offended" group, because I have 5 cars in my household and I only got 2 red sticker and purchase 3 yellow sticker. To me, I don't mind what the color it is or what is written on it, as long as it helps to improves the security in the neighborhood that I stay in and my other cars which has a yellow sticker are allowed to enter and exit just the same as the red sticker (which is the case now), I am alright with it.

Hopefully majority of the resident within our community are reasonable and understanding human being, otherwise every time some policy need to be implemented the PHRA will need to seek consensus and feedback from every single resident (in order not to offend anyone) and after that they will have to seek legal council from the lawyer (to make sure the action is perfectly legal with compliance to the law).

Hopefully those who are offended in any way, could find it in their heart to take a step back and look at a bigger picture and understand that whatever sacrifice we as resident of Puchong Hartamas make today (if there is any) is for the benefit of the community we are staying in right now. If it helps to improves the neighborhood, it will ultimately benefits every one who stays here or own a property here.