4th AGM on Sunday, 28th March 2010

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UPDATED: 29 March 2010

The PHRA 4th AGM had been successfully carried out. New Committee Members line up is below:

No. Position Name
1. Chairman N. Ramesh
2. Vice Chairman Yeak Nai Siew
3. Secretary Apryl Loo
4. Asst. Secretary Cheah Keat Swee
5. Treasurer Lim Hok Ming
6. Committee Member Adam Yee
7. Committee Member Lawrence
8. Committee Member Narvin
9. Committee Member Vincent
10. Committee Member Peter
11. Committee Member Neveille Ng
12. Committee Member CM Ho
13. Committee Member JK
14. Committee Member Wan
15. Committee Member Kaywei
16. Committee Member Edmund Tan
17. Committee Member Ancelyn Chai
18. Committee Member Brain Chai
19. Committee Member Angela Tan

All committee members are volunteering themselves. That's a great improvement! The first meeting is currently scheduled on 9 Apr 2010. Announcement to be sent out.

The turn out was not that satisfactory. It is partly due to Ching Ming and many members had to travel outstation. However we did meet the quorum to run AGM. All attendants signed up and obtain a ballot paper for voting.

All resolutions had been passed unanimously.

Both our invited guests came around 11:45pm while we still do the election.

Mr. Steven Chin introduced himself as our local council in charge of Puchong Hartamas area. He promised to take up all issue we brought up to him.

Mr. Chang Kim Loong explained there is currently no laws on Gated and Guarded Community. This GnG thing is a marketing tactic by housing developer to attract house buyers because of rising crime around populated area such as Selangor. Many developers usually abodon the management of GnG after some years.

For Puchong Hartamas, while we don't have any existing laws to protect us, we need to take up the job which is running this Residents Association to manage the security services.

Furthermore, our current GnG standard is endorsed by Selangor Government. The Federal Government has yet to come out any general law on GnG.

The Federal Government need to make a lot of changes to existing laws in order to come out GnG law. This may take a few years. Meanwhile we are one of the existing samples that our government can study.

Mr. Chang also gave us some reading material and printout to read. There are actually many things around GnG!

We have video tape the entire session. The video will be available online soon.

Meanwhile have a look for some photos.

Early crowd

Caption: Early crowd. About 60 turn out at the end.


Registration booth

Caption: Every members required to register at booth and collect the ballot paper.


The MC and Vice Chairman

Caption: Our MC is Mr. Cheah


Mr. Chang addressing the crowd

Caption: Mr. Chang addressing the crown on Gated and Guarded Community.


Mr. Stephen Chin and team

Caption: Mr. Stephen Chin and his team (three persons from the right)


Caption: Guideline or garis panduan on GnG that we need to study


Caption: Lunch with VIPs and newly elected committee members at Anggerik Kuring.



UPDATED: 13 March 2010

Please see the AGM Agenda below. The printout will be dropped to your mailbox soon.

Our PHRA 4th AGM is set on Sunday, 28th March 2010, at 10am in the playground. We circulated the notice to houses inside Taman Puchong Hartamas only. For members staying outside, we hope you will get the notice from this post and the e-group.

We will announce the AGM Agenda on the web site and e-group only. So stay tune for more info.

  1. Download AGM Notice (contain unaudited PHRA Financial Statement 2009).
  2. Download Audited PHRA Financial Statement 2009 (by Treasurer).


The AGM Agenda

Dear fellow residents,

Please be reminded that our 4th PHRA AGM is on Sunday, 28th March 2010, 10:00 AM, at the playground. Do come at 9:00 AM to register yourself and we will start at 10:00 AM sharp. We must finish our election by 11:30 AM for the briefing and Q&A with the National House Buyers Association.

The complete agenda is as follows:

09:00    Residents registration

10:00    Opening Address by N. Ramesh

10:10    Election for 2010 PHRA Committees
             Vice Chairman
             Asst. Secretary
             Committee Members (at least 5 positions)
             Auditor (2)

11:10    Welcoming new 2010 PHRA Committees
             Voting on resolutions

11:30    Welcoming the VIPs and Guests

             Mr. Chang Kim Loong (AMN)
             Hon. Sec. General of National House Buyers Association
             MPSJ Councilor

             Mr. Steven Chin
             MPSJ Councilor for Puchong Hartamas

             Chairman and Secretary of invited RAs

11:45    Speech by Steven Chin

11:55    Speech by Mr. Chang Kim Loong
             Topic 1: Gated and Guarded Community Current and Future Anticipated Guidelines
            Topic 2: Hallmarks of A Resident Association Leadership
            Q & A

12:30    Closing Speech by N. Ramesh



The Committee has identified some resolutions requiring the attention of the PHRA members. They are:

Resolution 1: Correct typo in existing PHRA Constitution at Fasal 7(8)

A typo at Fasal 7(8) has a reference to point 8(1) and 8(2). The correct one should be 7(1) and 7(2). This error is confirmed by cross comparison with the template provided by Registrar of Society, which is the sample used when applying for our association. You can download the Constitution freely online at http://puchonghartamas.com/.

Resolution 2: The RM50 monthly Security Fees should include amounts for other PH related expenditure

While the Supplement Agreement mentions the use of RM50 is for Security Fees, it does not specifically say the excess to be used for Sinking Fund. For the time being RM50 is sufficient to cover existing Security Fees with some surplus. There is a need to authorize other PH related expenditure apart from Security Fees from surpluses. Hence, there is no need for additional fees to be collected from residents for the time being.

Resolution 3: Change of bank signatory authorization limit for paying Security Services Fees and to ratify payments that was made on Nov '09, Dec '09, Jan '10, and Feb '10

The current authorized limit of RM500 is obviously insufficient.

Resolution 4: Change of authorization limit for other PHRA expenses

The current limit is the same RM500. This is deemed not practical and it is suggested that the limit be increased to RM3,000.

Resolution 5: Second bank account

It has been advised by Registrar of Society to maintain a separate account for PHRA membership contributions only. As such a second bank account needs to be opened for PHRA membership contributions only.

Resolution 6: Appointment of independent licensed audit firm to audit PHRA account


Thank you. 

Yeak Nai Siew
Asst. Secretary

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