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TM UNIFI @ Puchong Hartamas

Can anyone who have experience getting TM UNIFI installed at their premises share it here?

How's the installation? I just want minimum drilling and hpefully there's no messy wiring all aorund the house. Are they using the existing wiring channel in the house?

I've been detecting some UNIFI users around our taman and have been thinking to upgrade.



Meeting Between PHRA and MPSJ

I understand the PHRA and MPSJ met this morning (Tuesday, 13.12.2011) and a decision has been made regarding the guardhouse.

Perhaps those who had attended the meeting can tell us what has been decided?

After all, it affects all the residents in PH.

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Crematorium in Puchong (next to our Taman, sigh)

It may not be sensible and right to construct a crematorium nearby existing Puchong residential neighbourhoods and schools as unpleasant gases(including deadly mercury vapour of dental amalgam – see Wikipedia with own reference ) of cremation could endanger the health of residents. Crematorium should be placed in remote area such as Sepang, preferably seaside.

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School To Be Ready 2013 - (SJK Kheng Chee)

If all goes well, the proposed SJK (C) Kheng Chee will be ready for the 2013 intake. Puchong MCA chairman Datuk Wong Hock Aun said the school’s construction committee was preparing the documents for the Chinese primary school, which would be relocated from Ladang Bukit Dinding in Karak to Pusat Bandar Puchong.

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Playground Traffic Suggestion

The two inner road between our playground has been a so called short cut among the residents PH2/4 & PH2/5 to reach their home faster instead of making a big turn at the T-junction at Jalan PH2.

However I notice the road may be too small and cause some inconvenience when there's two cars coming from opposite direction. 
Just a suggestion to make the road one way for better management of traffic based on the diagram below.. Maybe we can put 'No ENTRY' or 'ONE WAY' sign

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Roof Leaking

With the recent heavy downpours, my house (bought from subsale) is facing roof leaking problem. I am wondering is this a common problem for most of the houseowner here since I observed many roofs have been patched and many house are doing renovations as well.

I heard that the quality of the developers is not up to par as well.

Any good contractor for recommendations?


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Security Alert: Robbery on road from guardhouse toward Bandar Puteri side

Dear residents,


I am informed by our security supervisor and guards to take precaution measure when using road toward Bandar Puteri on the right after the guardhouse. There was robbery yesterday night and the robbers are targeting vehicles passing by. The police is now patrolling that area.
If you see any suspicious car waiting around that area at night and following you, please drive to nearby police station. Polic station number is  03-8061 2222 and our security is 019-2588 518.
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Accident Outside the Guardhouse this Morning!

When my wife and I went out to the market at about 8.30 am today, an accident had already taken place just outside the boom gate.

Apparently a car coming downhill from the direction of Bandar Puteri knocked into a car getting out of our taman. The cars involved had left the scene but broken pieces of glass and car parts were strewn on the road. Hopefully there were no injuries.

As the volume of traffic increases, it has become more and more dangerous to use our exit gates.

It is a matter of time before another accident happens.

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