Demolition Order - Puchong Hartamas Guard House

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Dear All,

On Friday, 16 April 2010, PHRA was given a copy of a Demolition Order served to FiveStar Development (FDSB) by Jabatan Tanah. A copy of the order is attached and it basically says that our guard house need to be vacated for demolition work within 14 days.

This resulted from a meeting called by the Public Complain Bureau (under Prime Minister Department) on the 14th April, of which PHRA was summoned to attend within 24 hours notice. The PCB was acting on a complaint by a fellow resident from our very own Taman over the last year or so.

Since residents and the PHRA cannot and must not assume legal liability resulting from the hazardous location of our guard house we have to abide by decisions of the authorities. Nevertheless the PHRA is totally against the immediate demolition of our guard house because it will adversely affect resident security. As such, the PHRA will be appealing against this order before an alternative can be recommended and approved.

By virtue of Selangor State regulations, the PHRA will be responsible for applying for TOL at any alternative site.

Kindly refer to the attached documents for reference. The PHRA will keep the resident posted on the latest development and always remain transparent.


The meeting is taken place on 14 Apr 2010 at PCB office in Shah Alam. Invitiation letter is attached for your reference.

PHRA Cheah (left) and Pengadu Charles (right)

Before meeting start: Mr. Cheah (leftmost) from PHRA and the Complainant (rightmost)

PCB Pengarah, PCB Saravanan, Land Office Yahya

After meeting: From left, Public Complain Bureau (PCB) Pengarah En. Ahmad Samuri, PCB assistant Mr. Saravanan (who summoned PHRA within 24 hours notice), and Land Office En. Yahya.

Team from MPSJ of various departments

Team from MPSJ consist of many departments.

The minutes of the meeting from 10 Nov 2009 as well as the agenda of meeting on 14 Apr 2010 are attached below. As of now the minute for 14 Apr 2010 not yet available.



On 16 Apr 2010, the Land Office took the decision to issue a Demolition Order.




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Yeah right. Be courageous. Sue and be sued. Then drag everybody in. I love this. Can these same guys please volunteer their services in the PHRA? Talk is cheap.

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Any unhappy customers can always complain to the Developer. It is your rights. For the rest of us, we just want to keep our guard house until we have a new one up.

Dear Puchong Hartamas Phase 1 Folks,

Residents no longer have to squeeze through the narrow bumpy entry [now the better side of the road had been reserved for visitors, unlike those days when you are driving on this lane, insert your magnetic tag, the bar opens up and you drive in safely]. You do not have to worry whether your car will hit the Perodua Kelisa which had already been dented [but the dent has always been hidden by a cone! ], you will also have safer daily exits cos better and wider view of cars coming from Kim Crest or Bandar Puteri! I had on two occasions nearly hit the car [if I had exited 2 or 3 seconds earlier], I just did not see the car blocked by the guardhouse.

Quoting from PHRA 4TH AGM #there is currently no laws on G&G, this G & G thing is a marketing tactic by housing developer to attract house buyers ....# OWNERS OF THE PHRA PHASE 1 ARE ALL VICTIMS - including Intercom, smarthome devices etc in full color advertisements [dated back in 2003], the developer had signed contracts with the Ministry of Housing on the advertisements and the contract s are still legal binding.
The saying goes 'OWINGS MUST BE RETURNED'! , hope more complainants will do something like the grey hair complainant pictured above had done to recover the 'owings', no need to sue, no need to pay legal fees [as suggested by your current arrogant leadership of PHRA committee], go proper channels to get what are owings, what are outstanding! WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY, GOOD LUCK FOLKS, BE COURAGEOUS!
The developer claimed to have a PABX system at the guardhouse, but the PABX SYSTEM never had any extensions to any one of the 390+ houses at PH P1, anyone who has an extension connected to his/her house from the guardhouse, kindly let me know. May be the extensions were connected to the souls behind the PH 2/5 bushes!
Late 2009, a good samaritan reported there is not even a single telephone line at the guardhouse, I knew it long, long before that, don't ask me how? What kind of security system and security management in place???

Why do residents / people do things without realising the repercussion / or problems involved with d demolition of the Guard house??

Has the committee decided where to place the new guard house or what do we do in the mean-time to check for outsiders coming into the Taman?? Or has our complainant come out with a brilliant suggestion to what to do?? People who suggests or wants to do something must always have a solution to the problem. It could be a better way, we won't know....

Well, maybe I'm new to the Taman but can't all this be resolved in a mature & positive way within the committee / association?? Hope we have an answer usual..


This is what I think.
-All this should be done before PHRA took over the management of security from FDSB.
-Why the rush to take over/ so call handover of security management...?
-Why all this years (2 to 3 years back), we finally do see that the guard house is build against the law ......
-Will this mean that the Supplementary Agreement is against the law since the guard is too.....
-Will FDSB take the financial cost to build a new and legal guard house ?


concern resident.....