Enough is enough!!!

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Dear All,

It has been almost four months since we implemented a sticker system that we always knew would never be as effective as we know it to be. We are sick and tired of the security service company, Inland Security Services, that refused to strictly enforce visitor (those without sticker) registration after repeated warnings. The security company has blamed uncooperative residents who abuse their guards and caused their inability to deliver. Most of you would have noticed in the last two months the laxity and virtually any Tom Dick and Harry could enter our Taman at the wave of a hand. Although we know roughly who some of the abusive residents are, we are collectively to blame. The time has come for drastic measure to be taken.

On the morning of 14th May, a vehicle parked in the driveway of a house on PH2 was stolen. The vehicle had a PHRA sticker, and this indicates clearly the ineffectiveness of our current sticker system. Enough is enough!!!

For the sake of overall residents security, the PHRA has decided to take immediate drastic measures. We hope uncooperative residents will STOP undermining the security of the majority of PH residents.

  1. The services of Inland Security Services will be terminated within a week.
  2. The security subcommittee will appoint a new service provider.
  3. The new service provider will install four CCTV cameras at both the entry and exit points of the Puchong Hartamas.
  4. A MYCARD reader and recorder will be installed to capture information of ALL visitors including residents without stickers.
  5. The access card system will be activated and implemented as soon as we can logistically ensure every resident has functional access cards (the existing cards given by FiveStar). As such, we strongly urge you to get your existing cards ready. Those without please standby for further information.

There is no perfect solution and there is always an exposure to security and property loss vulnerability. However the new measures are clearly an upgrade to the existing arrangement that we have. No security system can be effective without residents' cooperation.

Thank you.

N. Ramesh
PHRA Chairman

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Yes, i totally agree with Mr Ramesh, without a cooperation with everyone,even how good is the security and much more of CCTV installed..... It will not works and secured!!!
Beside of this, i suggest PHRA will giving a letter or a piece of notice to all the resident's for a call notice. The concern was most of the resident's might not be resgister with the PHSA web.