Questions for the PHRA CHairman

Wednesday, 9th November, 2011

1. Mr Yeak

I recall that some time ago, a security guard went round all the houses to get the telephone numbers of all the house with a promise that an intercom system was to be set up for the residents.

Has there been any progress since?

Just a troubling thought on the security aspects of this exercise, since no further news has been announced.

a. Who is in possession of all the residents' telephone numbers now?

b. Some of us have been getting phone calls where no one speaks when we pick up the phone. Occasionally the caller apologises that it's a wrong number. But the frequency of such calls is troubling. Could it be someone in possession of our numbers checking if anyone is at home?

I am sure the residents would appreciate some information on the exercise and who is having our telephone numbers.

2. According to the Supplemental Agreement, the committee that takes over the security function is responsible for a range of services and facilities, including the "perimeter fencing".

In this case the perimeter fencing refers to the wall encircling the taman.

We see a budget allocation of RM2,000 for PHRA's Sinking Fund, which is huge by any count, since it works out to RM24,000 per year.

The wall is seriously cracked at the end of PH2/3 and has been so for more than a year but there has been no action to repair the damaged wall.

What are we waiting for? Can the Chairman please throw some light on this?

3. Mr Yeak

Is this your way of talking to Mr Siow privately so that the other residents don't get to hear your answers? As usual, you just walk away from answering any question when the questions become awkward for you to answer.

You took the way of being amicable (not that the previous committees were not) with the developer, saying that you hoped the developer would contribute to the cost of the new guardhouse. That was two years ago and now the demolition order is out. Do you have any commitment from the developer to show to the residents?

8th November, 2011

1. Mr Yeak

I just got the the contractor to do the road bump to slow down the exit.
Have you got clearance from MPSJ for constructing this hump? This is a road that belongs to MPSJ, even if it is within the grounds of Puchong Hartamas.

2. Mr Yeak

Logic will tell everyone who is the one crapping here.

The purchasers buy houses in Puchong Hartamas. Tenants don't own the houses.

The right to collect monthly service charges is assigned to a residents' management committee consisting of house owners.

This committee should not be an association where it grants exclusive membership to those who have paid a fee to be member, entitling them to make decisions for the Taman Puchong Hartamas in exclusion of other house owners who have not paid a fee for membership. This is a fair participative principle based on equality for all house owners who are automatic stakeholders.

So the question is, "Is the PHRA even the correct platform to make decisions for all the house owners who are not its members?"

Note: Since these questions are still outstanding and of interest to all the residents of Puchong Hartamas, I hope the Chairman can take concrete steps to answer them using a public forum, rather than talking to small groups of individuals.