Moon Cake Festival 2011

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Dear all residents,

If you haven't received this announcement, here is it. We are organizing Moon Cake festival on 10 Sept 2011. To date we have about 100 confirmed participants. I urge you to join now if you haven't done so, so that we can know each other well. We are doing potluck and many are cooking. It is amazing to see how sweet our neighbor is.

I think we can make this place beautiful and people friendly. Please remember this is a Community Service, and you are NOT paying us to do this for you. We all agree to put in our time and money to make this a right environment for our young generations. Everyone contribute a bit here and there and the result is amazing.

Let's come and share together our vision for our Taman Puchong Hartamas.

BTW, I have a small announcement. We have employed Ms Lau, who is one of our resident, to work fulltime so that you can easily pay up security fees. Her number is the usual 019-6001132. Also we should have office soon just around our Taman.

If you have any question or suggestion you can always contact me (012 5067818) or Ms Angela (016 2301132).


Moon Cake Festival 2011


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