Lock your gate and front door even when you at home

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Just to let you know a PH house owner who came to pay security fees asked about anyone been robbed here. I told him not recently but early during developer time I did heard. He said he just been robbed at his house in Bandar Puteri Puchong a few days ago! Three Chinese guy walked into his house because the gate and front door was open and hold a parang over his chest while he was upstair doing his work. He was pushed to toilet and locked. He managed to climb out window and ran to road to scream for help. But these people already finish the work and drive relaxly out of the guard house.

They have 7 guards in rotation. Every 2 hours guards routinely patrol the area. The robber came with Black Honda Civic. Not sure what time. And these robbers got "Car Sticker" of his Taman!

In view of the above, PH residents are advised to try keep your gate locked at all times. The sticker system is never full-proof that is why we must combine with touch card as soon as we set up a reliable system. Bandar Puteri Puchong didn't use touch card due to cost of maintenance.

I take this opportunity to also announce that PHRA will implement sticker screening with effect from Feb 1 so that guards will be used to it by Chinese New Year when many residents will be outstation.

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Hi all,
Im new to the forum ,anyway as i had a conversation wit the house owner of the corner lot of Kim Crest, the end hse near the way towards bandar puteri , the has 2 attempts of robbery fnally the owner deciced for a electrified gate. The security should not allow all visitors to come in as they like.


Hi Mr Prem, was d attempted break-in thru d front or they tried climbing the side walls?? This is so scary .....