Missing Dog!

Dear All,

Recently, you would have seen posters erected at the security guard house, flyers being passed around the neighbourhood regarding a missing dog.

The dogs name is Sherwin. She is a 2 year old mini Schnauzer with a greyish white coat. She was missing from our home on 24th February around 7 - 8.30pm. Attached is a picture of Sherwin.

If anyone had seen this dog, please contact Joanne on 012 223 3824 or Susie 012 366 3978.

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Hi, I am still very new to PH, is there anyone can share about his/her experience for the past AGMs?
I also just read the letter from developer: wah...some of our neighbour owed them such a big amount~RM140k(dunno true or not), no wonder my friend also complain that seem like everyone can easily pass through it.

Handing Over Taman Puchong Hartamas Fasa 1 Security To The Residents' Association

A few points to ponder regarding the copies of documents dropped into the letter box by the developer:

1. The letter dated 4 February 09 is with reference to the letter sent by Residents' Association(RA) which the developer received on 31st Jan 2009. The developer claims there was no response from the RA.
Does it mean the letter sent to the developer is not consider as 'response'?

2.Why does the developer sent copy of reply letter to the residents without attaching the letter they received from the RA?

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Bak Kut Teh


Since there is no posting here yet, I guess I will start it off with one of my favorite place for "Bak Kut Teh"

I use to frequent Klang for my monthly "Bak kut teh" (BKT) dose but since moving to Puchong Hartamas and finding out about "Kedai Makanan Teluk Pulai" I have always had my BKT here.

The BKT here is just as good (if not better) as those found in Klang, so I thought of sharing this info with my fellow PH residents (if you have not know about it yet) :-)

It is just around the corner going into Bandar Puteri from the DHL traffic light intersection.

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PHRA is responding to developer about guard house

The PHRA committees had met on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 to discuss about answers to the developer on the issue of handing over the guard house.

Apparently the guard house was having some legal issue. It was rejected by MPSJ because Road Safety's survey showed that the location of the guard house was dangerous. It is mind boggling how it was managed to build on that spot at the very beginning.

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User of the Forum defines the the forum

Hi Everyone,

I kind of found out about this forum when i did a google search on "Puchong Hartamas"... and I have been staying in PH for more than 2 years now.

Shamefully ,I did the search out of necessities after reading a notice from the developer that the PH resident association (PHRA) did not respond despite numerous memo has been sent with regards to the handling over of guard and security back to PHRA.

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