Kim Crest Puchong Hartamas

Anyone knows what will the developer do with the empty land inside Kim Crest?
It is in front of Kim3 and Kim1. From guard house turn right. Seems like last time developer try to build 10 more Kim3 type. But suddenly the construction stop and now grass was growing up. I think 10 more houses there will pack the area and construction will cause the existing houses got issues.

Just wonder, isn't it better to have a playground there or small park for evening walk?

It seems that the construction was stopped.
Heard that last time when it start try to build the Semi-D, it caused crack to nearby houses. So they stop the construction.

Not sure the status now as the land start fill with bushes already.

I'd like a little park too to add some green lung the the community. But if I'm not mistaken they are planning for semi-Ds in that area.