More Recent Updates from your PHRA

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Dear fellow residents

As we are moving into the third week of January 2010 I have got some updates for all :-
  1. A more complete security check will be implemented at the  guard house  starting from 1st Feb 2010. The PHRA launched the first phase of slightly stricter security check on the 8th Jan 2010 and guards gave out reminders to residents without stickers. Now that everyone has been notified and most of them have already collected their stickers, we are ready to move on to the next stage (before touch cards are reintroduced) and fully implement a more comprehensive check at our entry point. All vehicles without stickers will have to register. This is also a last call for those of you who are yet to collect your stickers. You may now obtain them from Angela at No 11, PH 2/5. Kindly call her in advance at 016 – 2301132 to ensure she is around. For those of you who have already collected your stickers, it is time now to display them.
  1. The broken boom gate at the main guard house will be installed by this week. This will enable the guards to have a good control of both the visitor and the residents lane at the main guard house. This was one of the reasons why the full sticker implementation was delayed.
  1. A new “Special 2010 Discount” has been launched by your PHRA for residents. A rebate equivalent to  one month’s security fee ( RM 50.00 ) will be given to those of you who pay up for the full year security fees till December 2010. So hurry as this special offer is only for those who make the full payment by the 1st March 2010. You may pay to Angela at No 11, PH 2/5. Kindly call her in advance at 016 – 2301132 to ensure she is around.
  1.  The full 2009 PHRA accounts is being finalized. We hope to post it online by this month. . So stay tuned for more exciting news.
Finally I seek  your cooperation in making  Puchong Hartamas a better place for ALL of us.
N Ramesh