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Here is the latest development of Puchong Hartamas prepared by PHRA. One file is BIG, meant for printout. One is compressed for quick viewing online. Both are the same. You can right click the big file and save it to hard disk. It takes a while to download.

We will be calling for all to meet at playground. Announcement come later. Stay tuned.

Updates (22/10):
The content of the file prepared by Chairman is quite technical. Therefore an executive summary had been prepared and attached herein. You also find this executive summary in your mailbox.

The PHRA Committees have not decided when to meet all residents yet. The committees itself will meet this Sunday to iron out the issue pertaining to choices we have. Taking over the Security Management is imminent as it is already spelled out in the Supplement Agreement. We must think of how to receive it. We must get ourselves ready to manage it too. Stay tuned.

Update (23/10):
Our outgoing Chairman Mr Cheah would like you be informed on his resignation reason. See this email exchange from the e-group.

From: On Behalf Of Cheahs
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 8:22 AM
Subject: RE: [puchong_hartamas] Re: Committee Meeting: Updates on recent activities

Dear Seet,

What I so-called “agreed (with FDSB) in his almost personal capacity” has been ratified by the PHRA in proper meeting by proper resolutions. The decisions can be reversed at any time by the same procedures.

A copy of my resignation letter is held by Mr Ramesh who is more than capable of leading the PHRA through what was discussed with FDSB. As a responsible ex-Chairman I have made sure I am not indispensible and did not keep things to myself. Also, I have been totally transparent and all facts/documents are there for you guys to see.

There are residents (and also in PHRA) who do not like my so-called hard line style and feel a Chairman should kiss their asses. These people also think that FDSB should also kiss their asses and they do not want to engage FDSB is a proper hand over. Some of the older ones prefer to go to the media and the courts to fight what I personally think are shadows. Maybe in their twilight years they feel a need to seek immortality by having their names and faces in the mass media.

I quit at this juncture because I do not want it seen that my proposed way forward is a personal crusade. I have removed me from the equation. If the PHRA/residents decide to go the same way, then good for the residents. If it decides to fight FDSB then I personally do not want to be part of it. You guys go make an objective decision and better make it soon.

I assume a gathering of all residents is planned. As ex-Chairman and ordinary resident I will still attend to answer whatever questions by other residents that need answering.


From: On Behalf Of skseet19
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 6:31 AM
Subject: [puchong_hartamas] Re: Committee Meeting: Updates on recent activities

Hi Yeak

Has the Chairman tendered his resignation???

In the PHRA Chairman's Personal Message posted by you at , he mentioned "I also take this opportunity to tender my resignation as PHRA Chairman with effect from the date the PHRA can take over security management from FDSB. I believe it should be 31st October 2009." Isn't this is very clear he is still the Chairman? His resignation is a conditional one and so long the condition is not fulfilled, the resignation is not official.

By the way I should think a responsible Chairman should carry out what he has planned and what he has agreed with FDSB. One should not simply agreed to what he is not going to follow up and leave what he has agreed in his almost personal capacity "note the lack of support of the residents" to the PHRA and all the residents of Puchong Hartamas.

S K Seet

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