Hi, I am still very new to PH, is there anyone can share about his/her experience for the past AGMs?
I also just read the letter from developer: wah...some of our neighbour owed them such a big amount~RM140k(dunno true or not), no wonder my friend also complain that seem like everyone can easily pass through it.


Thanks, uktiansha, for your interest in the PH community.

Recently the developer came out with two circulars and both advised that the security services were about to be terminated. I believe this caused many of the PH residents to withhold their monthly payments.

The shortfall should be temporary and once things return to normal, the residents should start paying up. The developer cannot continue to operate security services for us without funds and it would be to our interest to pay up.

The AGM we had last week on Saturday, 7th March, 2009 was our second AGM. I was secretary to the first PHRA committee and I have been elected again for the current 2009/2010 tenure. Let me assure you that all the documents are very well filed and kept. No document has been lost. If you have any queries, you could approach me or Mr Cheah, our new Chairman. I can be reached at 012-3377855.

However, almost all the committee members have full time jobs and may not be able to attend to you immediately. Do be patient with us while we try to engage all the parties to resolve the problems of the community.

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PH community was quite small and every information about meeting was not kept properly. There is no office and designated place to hold meeting and keep documents. All past information either lost or we just too lazy to dig out. Let's give new chairman Mr. Cheah full support to turn things around. Just spend extra efforts for the coming 6 months to see the changes.

The new AGM will meet on Monday night to discuss the next course of actions. More updates should come after that.