Astro Point

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Hey, i'm new here and i'm wondering whether those TV and Astro point installed at our house by the developer are working or not.

COz i intend to install Astro and saw those wires in certain house are concealed nicely. But somes house left the wires outside and be seen..not nice

ANy information from the pioneers or residents here...

Thanks a lot

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Hi Joshua,

Welcome to the PH. I guess you could call me a pioneer resident since I moved in about 4 years ago :-)

Yes, the conceal Astro point at my house are working and they are still working now, but I got my contractor to check on them during the initial renovation, so I am not sure if they fixed it or the developer delivered them in good working condition.

The best is to get your Astro installer to test it out for you.

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Joshua, welcome to PH. When I moved here a year ago I just plugged the decoder to the Astro socket in the wall (there was already a dish on the roof), It works fine till today. Now I have a spare Astro dish in store. I think your Astro technician will be able to test the sockets for you.


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My concealed TV antenna cable is fine for TV. I didn't install Astro.

I notice TV reception here is bad. Could be due to hills nearby. I can only watch 8tv channel. Tilt the roaf antenna to another side, can get ntv7 but not 8tv! Frust.

Some installer suggest install 2 antennas and an autoswitch box. I didn't do it. I don't watch TV frequently. Fine with just one 8tv.