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This is my todo:
1. Link to other sites around Puchong.
2. Bridging residents and committees so that more and closer communications.
3. Post interesting public information to the site that is relevant to Phians.

Anything else you would like to see?

My parent lived in Puchong Hartamas and I live in UK. I have not been home for 4 years. Since my parents moved in I am not sure when, probably couple of years ago, but I am sure it was on the day after the dreadful Tsunami. I have been trying to find out the ongoing developments, if any within the area. Since then, I discovered your website for Puchong Hartamas and it is so good to know that someone like your goodself is willing to spare time to build this website and now improving it even further. I could not imagine a better way to be able to find out what is happening in Puchong Hartamas and it is such a comfort to know there is good community within Puchong Hartamas.

Please post more photos on the website when you can (no pressure there) so that I could recognise the place or find my way home when I come back, hopefully this July. Air Asia is letting me down so I am busy shopping around for bargain tickets.

Here is the GPS location for Puchong Hartamas. It can be helpful to find the place to Puchong! I can upload a few more of such map and path, like from KLCC to Puchong and so on. They are interesting!

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Thanks for the map which give me a better picture of the surrounding area. Looking at the info I can't help but wish to get back sooner as the winter is really getting me down. Freeeeeeeeezing cold lah!

Bye for now, will try log in more frequently.