Hello Fellow Residents

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Dear Fellow Residents of Puchong Hartamas,

I am hearten by the increase participation in this e group of ours. Thank you so much for all your valuable inputs which we take seriously. At this juncture let me just say that a full fledged PH Portal is being created that will give us greater functionality. Till then kindly bear with the current e group.

Thank you all for your kind understanding. Your PHRA will continue to do its utmost and please continue to give feedback.

Many queries have been received with regards to the access card system. Firstly I would like to confirm that a system would be in place soon. As you all know the current system has too many technical problems; the frequent down time would cause more inconvenience than effectiveness. As such we have used sticker system as an interim measure to enhance security especially at the main entrance. This will allow the guards to be more objective and conduct limited screening at the guard house.

The old system is not only unreliable and expensive, it has been overtaken by technology. We are currently looking at other options which are not only cheaper but more reliable. To make matters worst Fivestar used a vendor who is essentially a one man show, not based in KL and emergency response time is totally not acceptable. We will be bringing up your issues with Fivestar as part of our overall discussion on Tuesday. I would like to repeat that a card system will eventually be in place and will complement the stickers.

The surau. We too have noticed that the morning subuh prayers have become louder. With due respect to our muslim neighbours we believe the relevant religious officials are sensible. Our approach would be to engage them in a civil manner. We will get back to you on this matter soon.

A last word on the stickers, let me also clear the air ( although those who have already met us to collect the stickers know this ) that renewal stickers are free for the subsequent years. Just bring back your old stickers to exchange for new ones.

I could not agree with you guys more. Let us move on and create the kind of neighbourhood that we all desire.

Best regards

N Ramesh

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