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You posted an earlier note here (27th December 2009) and out of deference to your seniority I felt I should talk to you in person. I now refer you to our subsequent rather lengthy meeting for more than one and a half hours the next day (Monday, 28th December 2009) and strongly believe I had addressed all your issues by detailed explanation. You telephoned me on Thursday (31st December 2009) telling me you wanted to work closely with the committee. I agreed and phoned you on Sunday (3rd January 2010) afternoon to invite you for a discussion. You refused. Now you post here another one of your ramblings.

What exactly is your agenda Charles? It is common knowledge that you are being sued by Fivestar for defamation. There is talk that your case can even be settled with an apology. I hope that is true because you cannot expect the whole Puchong Hartamas community to sacrifice their comfort and security for just one man. The PHRA is trying to do its job for the majority of residents and your obsession with your legal case continues to be bad energy. Please refrain from trying to twist everything and anything to benefit your legal case.

Also, in case you have issues with the previous Chairman, I would appreciate if you take them up with him directly.

The PHRA secretarial file is being scrutinized by our lawyers at the moment. A complete set of documents with accompanying narration will be posted online only after we retrieve them soon. Committee members do not have the time to complete all tasks in the short time that you demand. We too have our respective careers to take care of.

Members of the committee have sacrificed three weekends to meet the majority of residents and have obtained valuable feedback from individual residents. We know how almost all of them feel. Please desist from continuing to insinuate that there are improprieties. If the committee has made any mistakes I assure you they would be wholly unintentional.

In the meantime Charles, our records show that you have an amount outstanding on the accounts and also your PHRA membership has expired. Please do the necessary to update your status.

Thank you.

N. Ramesh

Charles' email:


With reference to an e-mail from the ex-chairman there was a mention for a collective agreement. MPSJ's guideline is 85% of the total residents in Puchong Hartamas Phrase 1.

We have not sighted the assignment agreement from the developer to PHRA.

The PHRA is collecting dues for the developer.The amount is said to be around RM 200000. Are we doing this for free ? What amount belongs to PHRA or developer ?

Before the takeover, John Chong (our treasurer) has written a report on accounts and I believe this was not taken into consideration.

We have bought access card amounting to 2x RM50=RM100 and the automatic gate has not been working for a long long time. This should have been rectified and put into working condition before we took over security management.

I have previously put an e-mail on the Yahoo E-group, a letter from MPSJ . Quite a few residents would like to have an answer instead of having secret meeting for only five to six people.

Before 1/11/2009 , there was a spate of resignation because of the 18/10/2009 meeting . I wonder why ?

Who are now the office bearers after 1/11/2009 and why is there no AGM taking place to fill in the positions.

Hope I will get a respond as soon as possible .

Thank you.

Charles Vander Slott

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