Dialogue on Tmn Puchong Hartamas Guardhouse Issue with YB Teresa Kok

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YB Teresa Kok attended the dialogue called by PHRA Committee this morning at 9:30am to enlighten the situation. The committee wanted to know why MPSJ demolish the guardhouse and what steps to move forward.

YB Teresa Kok said that in all Gated and Guarded community, MPSJ usually will not demolish the guardhouse unless there is a complaint. In Taman Puchong Hartamas case, the complainant has make the matter worst by bringing it up to the SUK Selangor State Government and this became a big issue. Thus MPSJ has to act.

Then Stella said that there is an alternative site already identified by MPSJ in year 2009 and based on the understanding, the new site must be completed with a new guardhouse, then only demolish the current guardhouse. Why this is not followed?

MPSJ engineer En Mohd Arifuddin explained that he is working with the Developer on the road access design only recently, in September 2011. There was deadline given by MPSJ to the Developer to submit the design or else MPSJ will carry out demolition. There has been delay in such plan and the approval could not be reach within this deadline, even though it has been postponed a few times. Hence MPSJ made the drastic decision to demolish it.

The Developer explained that they still need more times because the new site has a lot of work to consider due to the curve. Safety is the first priority and thus more thoughts need to put into the design.

Both Developer and the MPSJ Engineering department has agreed to sit down together to go thru the entire plan and complete it. Two weeks deadline is given to do this and the meeting shall be set on coming Monday.

Residents were angry with MPSJ who failed to make proper consideration of the overall safety for the people. Which one is more dangerous? Illegal guardhouse or house break-in with possible more serious crime?

Without the guardhouse the Security Management tasks will become difficult and in fact the MPSJ team was threatening to fine the guards if they continue to setup umbrella or cones. This resulted in free flow of entry to Taman without monitoring.

Fortunately at the dialogue, MPSJ has temporary granted permission and authorize the guards to set up cones and umbrella at the demolished site to do their job.

The meeting ended with a site visit to the abandoned land behind PH2/5. MPSJ will arrange the relevant department to clean up the place and make it a recreational place.

You can watch the video online. We record as long as our phone battery can last.

Video1: http://youtu.be/i9z5ifEgy0o
Video2: http://youtu.be/PCb5dqeCJ6I

Presented at the meeting are about 70 residents, YB Teresa Kok, Stephen Chin, MPSJ Deputy YDP, MPSJ Engineer, MPSJ Department Heads, Developer Manager, all PHRA Committee and members of the press.


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