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I have got the following e-mail forwarded to me from another commitee member who handles accounts related matter and I felt that it is an important issue and need to be answered to. Keeping truth to our spirit of transparency, i think it will be best to post the e-mail here and my reply below it for anyone who are interested to view.

*** The Original e-mail *****

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Happy Blessed Chinese New Year!

I am a resident of Puchong Hartamas Phase 2.; My house address is No.**, Jalan PH2/4. I understand that this email address is for the purposes of collection of security fee - however as I do not have the email address of the committee member, I would appreciate that this email be forwarded to the respective person(s) concerned.

I would like to record my dissatisfaction with the security guards.On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, 14th February 2010 in the evening, my house alarm rang and it notified my handphone. as my family and I were not at home, I called my neighbours but unfortunately they too were out. We tried calling Angela and Yeak (both stated on the securit fee invoice) but no reply - understand that it was CNY.

Hence, my family and I rushed home to check on the reason the alarm rang.As we entered the guard area, we requested in Bahasa Malaysia and in English for one of the guards to follow us to our house to check out the alarm.However, to our dismay, they couldn't / didn't understand a word of what we said.We gestured and try to make sign languages but they still were puzzled. Finally, we just went home.

Thankfully nothing ontoward had happened. Playing back our CCTV player, it would seem that some firecrackers had set off our house alarm. It is alarming (no pun intended!) to note that the guards didn't understand us and didn't even bother to follow us or check up on us, even after we tried gesturing and requesting them to follow us.No security guard came around our house that evening for their walk rounds.

Could you please explain to us why is it then we are invoiced RM50 monthly?

Jane Chang and Chen Harn Chin

*Note : I have remove the house number and the phone numbers for security reasons

*** My Reply as follows

Dear Jane/Harn Chin,

First off, best Chinese New Year wishes to you too.

We too share your sentiments about the standard of guards we currently have and the service provider, Inland Security Services (ISS) has been put on notice that we will no longer accept the kind of service level that prevailed when Fivestar Property Management handled them. ISS has asked for more time to replace all their foreign guards. However, ability to communicate is a pre-requisite and we can appreciate you frustration and dilemma on that 1st day of CNY. We are also relieved that nothing untoward occurred at your home but are also mindful that what you faced was indeed a real issue.

A series of fines and penalties have been imposed and agreed to, on ISS. For example, if any resident catches and reports any guard sleeping on duty, the guard will be fined RM30.00 and the supervisor, RM20.00. Another is that guards on patrol must at all times be armed with a truncheon or a long stick just in case they need to come to the assistance of residents.

Guards on patrol caught without a stick are to be fined RM10.00 and the supervisor, another RM10.00. Guards on patrol are mandated to clock in at 9 watchmen’s clock points strategically located in our taman. They are supposed to patrol the whole area and we do get summary printouts about their rounds. ISS has also agreed to equip guard posts with walkie-talkies but our emphasis remains the quality of individual guards.

The PHRA will be putting online a "to-do list" and we hope many more residents will come forward to suggest more things that can be done for our Puchong Hartamas community.

In the meanwhile, we must continue to support our neighborhood and maintain our monthly payments. Whether we PHRA committee members or residents/members, we are all in the same boat when it comes to the security needs for our families.

Best regards,

Brian Chai

PHRA Security sub-committee.

PS : To all fellow residents, if you catches any of the guards not doing their job (as mention above) please snap a photo as proof and send it to us at the PHRA security sub comittee. We will do the necessary and penalize the security company. If their service level still does not imporves as promise we will engage the services of another security firm.