Using of car sticker

Dear all,

We were told to get the sticker by 8 january, otherwise we will be treated as visitor and need to register for every entry....I noticed this is not consistent.  I saw car without stickers entering the residential area freely.

Where is the control in that sense?

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Hi there,

Initially the committee felt that implementing strict security checks on and after 8th January 2010 will give every resident sufficient time to come forward to settle their outstanding security fees and collect their car sticker.

But Malaysian being Malaysian, the culture of pushing everything to the last minute dies hard, and we still gets a lot of phone calls from resident towards the last minutes of the deadline to arrange a proper time to come forward to pay their dues and collect their security stickers.

Face with the situation in hand, the committee decided to postpone the deadline slightly to accommodate our neighbor's busy schedule.

Having said that, the situation has improves significantly with the extended time and most of the resident has already paid up their due and collected their security sticker(s).

The committee has decided in our last meeting to implement the strict security checks starting 1st Feb 2010.

We hope that every resident will give their full cooperation on the implementation, after all this is to improves the security and standard of living within our Taman.


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Thanks Brian for the clarification.

On the matter of the accounts I would like to add that notwithstanding the fact that teething problems are an expected evil, I am sure that there will be some account reconciliation and update discrepancies.

Even my own account was inaccurate when I received the January invoice; it showed an outstanding of RM50.00 for the month when it should have showed paid up 3 months in advance (till end March). In a chat with Apryl Loo who is on your committee, she revealed that she had the same problem. Chances are, there are others. I should think that these issues will not recur after this.

May I suggest that in future, it should suffice that quarterly statements are issued instead of monthly debit notes. This would not only be clearer and save time and effort on the part of the PHRA but also be more efficient in that residents are encouraged to pay at least 3 months dues at a time. RM50 and RM150 should hardly make a difference to residents in PH.

Just my two sen.



Dear all,

Just wanna highlight the fact that we have just received a statement indicating RM350 in arrears but we made our payment and the only amount outstanding should be RM50. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the similar problem.