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Mr Yap,

Perhaps my English is not as good as yours. Forgive me for not meeting your standard. You should have not resigned as secretary and come to work. Those with more than 2 cars can buy additional red stickers for RM10.00 each.

I refer to the most recent post on payment for car stckers. According to the post, each resident is limited to two red stickers and all subsequent requests for stickers will be levied at RM10.00 per sticker for "regular visitors".
Just who are these "regular visitors"? And what will happen to those who own more than two cars?

I do not know what you are complaining about. You should have asked for facts before forming your conclusion.

The answer is obvious, despite the committee's feeble attempt at beating about the bush and pretending to ignore those residents who own more than two cars. All the additional cars will be reduced to the category of "regular visitors"!

The committees are just as inexperienced as you but have the courage to make decisions. Views like yours are welcome and if most residents want, anything can be changed. The committee has to make the first decision first and if wrong decision then we change lah! It is so easy to criticize isn’t it?

Should those affected residents feel insulted? Obviously....since they have now been reduced to being "regular visitors" to the houses they actually own!

Only you can be insulted by something not true.

We already pay security charges each month. Come on, committee members. Increase the fees if you need money to run the show.

Now the committee sure can count on YOUR SUPPORT if got increase in monthly fees. Thank you.

Selective taxation on residents does not cultivate goodwill. Furthermore, why insult them by putting some of them into the category of "regular visitors"? This is where we live and there should be no impediment to our movement when we already pay our monthly security fees. Labelling the drivers of the cars in excess of two per home is adding salt to the wound.

What wound? Like I said, find out your facts before you shout at the wall. Those who have showed up to collect their stickers know who are “regular” visitors. Why do you criticize without knowledge? You can ask me first instead of trying to confuse others.

I doubt these charges are even legal.

Looks like you only know how to complain. What is so legal or not legal? Is volunteering to work for the PH community legal? Mr Yap, I hope your leg is now well and you can come back to be in committee.

BTW, you should address this security related issues to Mr. Ramesh as he is in charged of it. But since he is very busy, I am helping him to update information to the web site.

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Hi Yeak,

I remember there was a Mr Leong who has 6 cars and he got 2 red stickers free and bought 4 additional red stickers.

Then there was Jeniffer who owns the kindergarten who said she will ask parents (not from PH) to buy the yellow stickers.

Apart from not inconveniencing regular guests of residents at the gate, I believe the reason for two colors is so that if visitors, for whatever reason make trouble it would be easy for security to identify which resident they are linked to.

Selling stickers to make money ah Yeak/Ramesh? How much can make ah even though the cost of stickers was borne by Inland Security? You buggers did intend that proceeds would be used to supplement cost of a planned family day right? Looks like everything also must tell wan lah if not you get shot for working free for people! As Patrick Teoh likes to say: Niamah!!!

Keep up the good work guys.

Just venting and ranting lah.