1st Feb 2010 Strict Vehicle Sticker Implementation

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Dear residents and those who has posted messages here whom I will answer in this post,

It is very encouraging to see that more and more residents are participating in PH community affairs by posting their concerns. This is exactly what we must have.

My apologies for this delay in responding to you. It must be boring to hear my same excuse of pressure of work. But it is true.

As you all know, 1st Feb was D-Day, but we instructed the guards to be merely firm and understanding. It looks as though this is not what the majority of the resident want; from numerous feedbacks it is evident that you guys want to see really firm and strict enforcement on visitors (including motorbikes) and those without stickers.

However, from the Inland Security reports and our own investigation, former PHRA Chairman Charles and former PHRA Secretary BH Yap are the only two people who continuously interfere with the guards responsibilities at the guard house. I am puzzled why they do that and I appeal to their sensibility. In the same breath, I also appeal to any residents who know them well to help us engage Charles and Yap in order that tighter security can be implemented uniformly and effectively.

This morning an undesired security breach had occurred and unfortunately one of our fellow resident was a victim. Mr. Tan Shan Yong has already posted a self explanatory message here.

This is precisely the reason why most residents have been insisting on close vetting of visitors. The PHRA has already demanded a complete written report from ISS on the incident and this will be posted up online. At the end of the day, we should all remember that it is our homes and families are the ones who may be exposed to undesired circumstances. Please be assured that PHRA has been hammering the management of Inland Security as you will be able to see from the following answers to your post.



On 08/02/2010, at 12:57 PM, Siow wrote:

Dear All,

Yesterday (7 Feb 2010) morning @2.30 a.m. I returned from a run at Putrajaya, I notice that only "one" security guard station at the main guard house and the worst part is I have to press my car horn "twice" to wake-up the guard to open the gate barrier for me. The way his reaction, I wondering he has really check whether I possess a valid car sticker.

Mr Siow, I am so glad that I am not the only one who come back at those ungodly hours and also witnessed what you observed. This is a serious problem because a sleeping guard is no guard. We have since imposed (and Inland Security has agreed) a RM30 fine on any guard caught sleeping by any resident. Also the supervisor Chandran will be fined an additional RM20 at the same time.

From henceforth if any of you guys catch any guard sleeping please take down their names and if possible a phone-cam of the offender, and call me at 012-2210355.

I passing by PH2/4 Guard Post and couldn't find anyone inside. Out of curiosity, I decide to round the whole Taman. I couldn't find any other guard patrolling and no guard station at PH2/2 Guard Post too.

It is excusable that no guards are sometimes in the Guard Posts. The Guard Posts are meant for patrolling guards to be stationed in between their rounds to clock in at the nine watchman clocks positions strategically located around our Taman. The watchman clocks facility is a new measure PHRA imposed on Inland Security.

This incident is no surprise to me. I recall during the month of Dec 09, there are two occasions that I when out for a run at 5.30 a.m. Two guard blocked the exit barrier, open the visitor side barrier and sleeping inside the guard house.

I hope that the committee will bring the matter to the security's company and make sure this thing do not happen again. 

To all dearest resident in Puchong Hartamas,if you are happen back home in the earlier hours please do some spot check on the security guard. Your effort will definitely make our Taman more secure. 

Wonderful, Mr. Siow! This is the right spirit that we must have among us.


PC Siow @65, PH2/5

On 08/02/2010, at 2:38 PM, sin sing Tam wrote:

Dear Mr Chairman,

With regard to Tow-truck, whether anything has been done to prevent it from coming inside the compound of Taman Hartamas. It is only prevention of car theft.

S S Tam

Your apprehension is appreciated. But our investigations show that one of the Tow Trucks has a sticker and the other registered as a visitor. We will be posting out details of the owners and if any resident has specific issues with Tow Trucks perhaps they could bring it up directly with the owners. Please bear in mind in the ultimate analysis a Tow Truck is a vehicle and the owner a resident too.

Anyway, any Tow Truck that comes in which is not resident-owned will be made to register, and Tow Truck leaving with vehicles in tow must be authorized by towed vehicle owner.



On 09/02/2010, at 10:50 AM, ONG WOON PANG wrote:

hi all; 

On point of attitude of security guard rude with visitor, i dun really agree, everybody have their own duty and resposibility...may b the way the communicate is not as good as us but i guess their main objective is take care the security, my guest also complaint to me on rudeness of security, but i told him " Look may be they are not good in talking, we want to tightern the security, pls co-operate with them...keep a smile face to them, be patient during interview them, they might not good in communication.."

Mr Ong, I believe yours is a partial response to Mr. Heng Ewejing. I couldn't agree with you more and the many residents who have given me feedback share your sentiment. We cannot realistically expect premium service (like highly paid Nepalese) for the hourly rate that we are paying. Nevertheless certain minimum standards are expected. Our current guards may not be able to converse well but they are still expected to impose our minimum requirements. Therefore, your kind of understanding is crucial.

By the way, we are not responsible if due to manpower shortage, foreign guards are deployed by ISS.

Only issue is : i don't think is good if the security guard ask visitor for IC or driving license, too sensitive for guest to pass to them, may be request other card which is not so sensitive, like "Jusco card" ; "Bonuslink card"; insurance card or even Name card and mark down the car plate no etc...


Currently the guards are not supposed to ask for MyCard. But I think most visitors have no problem to temporarily surrender their driving license in exchange for visitor pass as long as the guards do not lose the document. So far none has been lost.

As per your suggestion of alternative cards, I suppose those could be an alternative to driving license as long as the visitors can identify themselves.

Bear in mind only shady visitors will not cooperate and we don't want these people.



On 11/02/2010, at 9:17 AM, Stanley Lye wrote:


I do not agree with the report stated the car obstructing the traffic belongs to no. 5 jalan ph2. I only have 1 car since when I have a new car parking outside. This belongs to no. 3.


Sent via BlackBerry from Maxis

Thank you Mr Lye. Its a genuine error of ISS in the report. We will do the necessary.

On 11/02/2010, at 1:47 PM, Shan Yong wrote:

[Attachment(s) from Shan Yong included below]

Dear ALL,

When you see the photo, you will really know how good our security is. Better to have tighter security(sometime rude) than loose. My car can be painted red while parking in my own house car porch. 

Firstly Mr. Tan, I sympathize with your predicament. There are just too many idiots out there who behave like barbarians. Yes, you are right, security must be tighter. We have to protect our residents regardless.

For whatever reason it is, this show there isn't good security in place despite I have spoken to the guards even Chandran twice on this matter. End of last year it happen once already.

Chandran did confirm that you spoke to him, and for whatever it is worth I would have hope that you also alerted me about the same; at least I would have emphasize your point to Chandran.

A police report has been made. Who ever witness this incident or saw suspicious ppl last night(10/02/10) till this morning, please come forward to help me.



Dear all, please come forward if have any useful information.

On 09/02/2010, at 12:05 AM, ewejin heng wrote:

less committee member not an issue, the main problem that we are facing is the attitude of the guard.  Laziness and rude to the visitor.  May be because of cheap and poor quality of the guard we have.  I suggest the committee should seriously talk to the security company or perhaps should change a better one.

Dear Mr. Heng. Could you please refer to my response to Mr. Ong above.

On 11/02/2010, at 9:19 PM, ewejin heng wrote:

Dear Mr. Heng. You were a member of this PHRA Committee elected in March 2009 and I would have assumed you were also present at the AGM then. Your questions really puzzled me because I was elected as a Vice Chairman during that same AGM. Subsequently, if I remember correctly, you attended one Committee Meeting and was AWOL until you submitted your resignation few months ago because of work commitments.

Anyway, I believe my answers to your questions now will provide clarification to others here.

just wonder who elected the Chairman?

I was elected as Vice Chairman at the AGM in March 2009 that also voted in the immediate ex-Chairman Mr. Cheah who has since resigned in Oct 2009. As per constitution I assume the Chairman's position.

or by volunteer?

"by volunteer". Yes, I volunteered myself to be elected.

or by AGM voted by the PHRA community?

"by the PHRA community". I believe I don't have to answer this.

Can you please tell me what is your point in asking those questions that I assume you already know the answers since I reiterate, you were also part of the same committee. Having said that, would you blame me for thinking you are trying to be clever because it is not funny. It is already difficult doing this Chairman's job without people like you sniping from the sidelines and questioning the legitimacy of the position. If you had any sense, you already know the answers to your own questions. What is your agenda? Do you regret letting down the community rather than to stand firm and fight the cause? Seriously I am pissed-off.

FYI, a notice will be issued very soon calling for the PHRA AGM for year 2010. I hope you will again offer yourself as a member of the PHRA committee.

Best regard,


N. Ramesh


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