Some recent updates from your PHRA

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Dear All,

We are most delighted by the feedback received both online and in person from residents. Here are some updates.
1.       Mr Yeak is preparing a template on the Yahoo eGroup as a temporary too to aggregate and track complains and action taken. It will be in a simple format for a start. Residents would be able to directly input their comments.
2.       Surau issue. Under the current “hot and burning” circumstances it would be unwise and imprudent to approach the mosque immediately although they seem to have even gone louder. However, it has been decided that we will get the MPSJ councillor in charge of our area to approach first. More on this later.
3.       MPSJ related issues like rubbish, grass cutting, road condition, etc. The PHRA had a meeting with MPSJ yesterday (Friday, 8th Jan) and one of the important things on the agenda was to get introduced to the relevant officials-in-charge at ground level of the various MPSJ services. A working meeting is schedule week after next because I will be too caught up in work issues next week. Mesti jaga periuk nasi dulu mah ;o)
After that we can expect more interaction with MPSJ including enforcement of council by-laws relating to some of the complaints herein.
4.       Security. One new guard post has already been delivered and will be commissioned today/tomorrow while another should be here soon. The second one will be located towards the 2/4 and 2/5 side.
Many residents have asked when we will be implementing the car stickers entry system and all I can say is that it will be very soon. Inland Security Services is ready but we are holding off to give residents slightly more time.
5.       The playground. As you can see, is being spruced up now. The workers are doing weeding before more plants/fertilizer will be added. After the first round, there will be regular maintenance work. They have also been asked to remove stones from the field because these could be harmful to our kids playing football. We will tackle the esthetic aspects of road shoulders and back lanes thereafter.
6.       Meeting with Fivestar. PHRA had a working meeting with FDSB on Tuesday and everything is on track for a final cut-off on the security management service fees accounts. The accounts for the period January 2009 to October 2009 has been sent for audit and will be ready soon. We will keep residents posted.
7.       Security fees. A box will be installed at the guard house this weekend for residents to drop of their cheques. It is more efficient for the PHRA if residents pay a minimum of 3 months at a time. We hope you will cooperate.
8.       Latest update as of yesterday; we met HBA ( House Buyers Association) again to seek reconfirmation of advise earlier given by HBA pertaining to resident's grouse with FDSB on so called non deliverables.
Kind regards.
N. Ramesh
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