Developer meeting on accounts

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We have met with FDSB yesterday and the good news is, they agree to waive the interests charge to some residents if they pay up before this 31/12/2009!
Here is the details.

  1. To waive interest charges for residents who owe FDSB five months and below ( June – October 2009 ). This to be applicable for those who pay up all monthly subscription fees outstanding as at 31st Oct 09, before this 31st Dec 09.
  2. The 3 months monthly subscription deposits of residents who have no outstanding to FDSB as at 31st Oct 09 to be refunded to the respective individuals directly, before 15th Dec 09.
  3. To contra and refund deposit payments by residents who owe FDSB below RM150.

So if you have been a good paymasters, you should be okay.
Please also see the letter we send to FDSB.
The PRHA will continue to negotiate with FDSB for you. Should you have any concerns or suggestions, please let us know.

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