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Hi Everyone,

I kind of found out about this forum when i did a google search on "Puchong Hartamas"... and I have been staying in PH for more than 2 years now.

Shamefully ,I did the search out of necessities after reading a notice from the developer that the PH resident association (PHRA) did not respond despite numerous memo has been sent with regards to the handling over of guard and security back to PHRA.

So I thought , maybe there is some active PHRA elected committee member or maybe PHRA itself might have a website to publish latest event concerning PH for people like me to view....but the best I could get is this forum :-)

Not to be critical, but the latest post on this site is like 7 months ago, it seem to me that this forum may not be that popular among the PH residents. And if there is no participation from it's user , a forum is as good as dead.

So being a silent resident for more than 2 years now, I think it is about time residents of PH come together and make this forum work for us.

I'm not sure what I can do to assist in making this forum more lively, but I am willing to assist in anyway I could. I have some software programming knowledge and some management skill which i can offer to my community if needed.

If I may assist, maybe we could begin by knowing the following information...
1. Who is the forum administrator?
2. How many registered member does this forum has?
3. Number of visit so far? (most site display a counter for the reader to view)
4. Who owns this forum?

Let us all really work hand in hand to make Puchong Hartamas our Dream home and our cools community.

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It had been too quiet from PHRA for quite some times.

There isn't any activities as well in the web site mainly due to this web site is just my personal contributions for the residents. Don't link this to PHRA. It has nothing to do with PHRA yet.

I will try to get the Andrew Wan, who was quite active in PHRA to restart the PHRA and see what is happening. May be we have to re-elect the committees who really willing to do something about it.

I can do whatever I can from my part, mostly the Internet infrastructure. Beyond this, I need others to volunteer.

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Well, yeak...I think the main reason the forum has been so quite is that there is not a lot of contributor and the awareness of this forum might be quite minimal.

One thing we could start doing is to contribute more to the forum, let it be something with relation to PH or maybe something that might interest anyone around PH.

I will make it a point to contribute more, maybe post some photos as well.

One question though, I don't see any link to upload photos...maybe I might have overlook :-), but does this forum support photo uploads?

BTW, do you know "Andrew Wan" personally? Don't mind telling me who exactly is "Andrew Wan" ?

Anyway, I believe "yeak" is the owner and administrator of this forum, right? So as part of this community , I like to say "Thank you" for creating this forum and all the effort you have put in to better this community.

If it is possible, maybe you can extend the forum category a bit more to include other title. Currently there is only "PH web site request".

Just some suggestion, maybe you could add in
1. Puchong Hartamas News & Infos
2. Interesting Event around us
3. Others

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Configuring it now. You should see more things later.

Hi Brian,

I'm a newly registered member in this blog; I'm among the first moved to PH. I'm most concerned on the news that we'll have no guard services after February 09. This is totally unacceptable to me. Just to find out from you whether you have any news on this matter?

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Hi tcteh,

I know exactly how you felt about the guard issue..... I don't think it is fair for the developer to throw the issue back to PHRA which is totally not ready to handle the situation.

Based on the rule of "comman sense", I believe the Developer should at least make sure there is an active PHRA and the commitee of PHRA is ready to take over the resposibilities before handling back the duties of managing the community.

The main reason I purchase a house in PH is because it is gated and guarded, never in my wildest dream have I imagine 2 years down the road something like this could happen.

Anyway, to answer to your question.....No I don't have any news with regard to this matter, please share it here if you know anything (in the future).

Sad to say, I don't even know who is in the PHRA commitee, If anyone knows anything about them, please share it here. I think since they have been elected, they will have to come forward and take on some responsibilities.

I think the "Guard issue" is a wake up call for all of us...if we don't make our community our "dream community", nobody will...and very soon it will be our "nightmare cummunity".

So lets share new, ideas, effort and start getting things done now.