TM UNIFI @ Puchong Hartamas

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Can anyone who have experience getting TM UNIFI installed at their premises share it here?

How's the installation? I just want minimum drilling and hpefully there's no messy wiring all aorund the house. Are they using the existing wiring channel in the house?

I've been detecting some UNIFI users around our taman and have been thinking to upgrade.



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For those who wants to avoid messy wiring for the TV connection, here's an alternative solution using TP-LINK

More details at TV SMITH...

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I have Unifi installed. Mine is fiber cable. So the existing phone line which is cooper based cannot be used. However in the office area, TM is using cooper, not fiber. I guess they only do rewiring if it is residential area.

Because it is fiber, they have to drill a hole (about 1cm to 2cm diameter) from the back of the house and laid a fiber cable to any place you want to put the termination point. The give free up to 10 meter if not mistaken. Do ask them.

There will be a black equipment with fiber cable input and come out with two cables: Ethernet and Phone. The Ethernet goes to DLINK Router which is bundled. The Phone goes to bundled phone.

You can try to get phone cable to connect the Phone port to the phone socket at the wall and it should link up all phones in the house, including downstair. I haven't tried this yet because the bundled phone is a cordless phone where you just leave the base station upstair and you can bring the phone downstair.

Oh, there is one more cabling for TV setup box. It is a Ethernet connection. This one you might need to do wiring. I got them to do wiring for me. So they drilled again across all my room and go downstair till the living room to lay the CAT5E cable. I know, lots of holes. :-)