Implementation of Access Cards System at Puchong Hartamas

I noticed today that the security guards at the guardhouse have started asking people going in and out of Taman Puchong Hartamas to use access cards. I am surprised that they were more strict on the residents than visitors. I had a guest visitor today. She was just waved through without being asked to record her details.

My question to those who have decided to implement this system - have they obtained the approval of the relevant authorities to do so? Our guardhouse is not one that has complied with the guidelines and requirements set out by the local authorities and it is sitting on an MPSJ road.

If you were to read the Supplemental Agreement carefully, would you consider this move a wise one?

Over to you, Mr Yeak and your committee.

If the PHRA is in breach of any of the points listed, it may open itself (the committee members included) to legal action if the guards impede the free flow of residents commuting in and out of the taman on instruction by the PHRA.